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Coauthor Mikale Erhart

Resume: living intentionally and loving Jesus

Story: The film follows Dave, Karen, and their three young children, as they venture into war zones where they are fighting to bring hope. Viewers will follow the family into firefights, heroic rescues, and experience life-changing ministry
release year: 2020
writer: Brent Gudgel

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Free burma rangers training. Free burma rangers movie. Respect to Ephraim Mattos and the Free Burma Rangers. Free burma rangers 2020. Free burma rangers book. Free burma rangers salary. Brilliant and absolutely spot on! Keep the faith, if DJ Trump hears your message he will take heed! David, you fight a noble and just cause, you are a role model for western civilisation today. Free burma rangers 2019. You are absolutely right! Our country is still suffering from dictatorial military... Please, pray for our leadder and contry's wellness... 😢.

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Free burma rangers logo. Free burma rangers armed. Free burma rangers hd. Our new Film Free Burma Rangers was in over 650 theaters on February 24 & 25, 2020. Join our email list to receive updates on future screenings, dvd, and online releases. “ Whatever your religious beliefs, you will find [The Free Burma Rangers] courage and idealism inspiring… “ – The BOSTON GLOBE “ An extremely well-made documentary. The interviews are beautifully woven together with onscreen action. “ – MOVIEGUIDE “ When following Jesus turns into an action movie! Just WOW! “ – STEPHEN KENDRICK, Producer “Overcomer” “ It’s a fascinating, moving portrait of how the gospel of Jesus Christ motivates believers to flee comfort and run toward danger—dodging bullets and bombs to be conduits of healing and hope. “ – GOSPEL COALITION “ You’ll find yourself shaking your head in amazement when you see the story of the Free Burma Rangers! “ KEVIN EZELL, President North American Mission Board, SBC “ The most harrowing faith-based movie ever made… a Real-Life ‘Action-Adventure’ Film. “ – CROSSWALK “ Not Standard Christian Fare… it transcends the limitations of the genre and deserves to be seen by a wider audience… amazing in its humanity and graphic honesty… Nothing is reenacted. “ – Blogcritics “ One of the most Inspiring films you will see. “ – Docsology. “ The raw and inspiring movie truly illustrates Christianity in action. ” – The Christian Post “ The film is a real-life adventure movie. Viewers will follow the family into firefights, heroic rescues, and experience life-changing ministry. In the midst of this unprecedented journey, you will witness amazing lessons of faith from one of the most inspiring families in the world. ” – Deidox is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Your donations are tax deductible. To avoid any processing fees, consider donating by check. Your tax deductible donation can be sent to: Deidox Films 10900 Research Blvd, Suite 160-C Austin, TX 78759 GET UPDATES Join our email list to receive updates on future screenings, dvd, and online releases of all Deidox documentaries, including announcements about Free Burma Rangers. Enter your email below and click subscribe. THE TEAM Deidox Films is a 501(c)(3) non-profit documentary production company creating content from a Christian perspective. Brent Gudgel (Director/Producer/Writer): Brent is a writer/director who has helmed over 300 documentary productions in 20+ countries. He directed the documentary Dear Francis about the battle to stop HIV/AIDS in Africa (Showtime television) and the The Ordinance ( Amazon). His footage was also featured in the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics. Find him on instagram. Chris Sinclair (Director/Cinematographer): Chris is a world-traveling director, by way of photojournalism. He spent eight years in Asia as an overseas correspondent. Chris holds an M. A. in Visual Communication from Ohio University (2012). He has since run filmed for a variety of media outlets and organizations, including BBC, CNN, Vox Media, DJI, Salvation Army, and more. Dave Mahanes (Producer): David has overseen the production of documentaries, promotional videos, and short films for the last 14 years, including the award-winning documentary Dear Francis (Showtime) and the film series Deidox Shorts. He has worked with Saddleback Church, Goodwill, Union Rescue Mission, the US State Department, IJM and World Relief, among others. Find him on instagram @csinclair. THE STORY Free Burma Rangers is an epic adventure-doc exploring the extraordinary journey of Dave Eubank — who with his wife Karen and three young children have spent the last two decades living in war zones like Myanmar (formerly Burma), Iraq and Syria, fighting to bring hope through the humanitarian work of the Free Burma Rangers. A former U. S. Special Forces soldier turned missionary, Dave Eubank is an unlikely hero in the war zones where he serves – a husband and father who has chosen a path few American families would consider. Free Burma Rangers shows the Eubank’s mix of grit, determination and faith providing a peaceful disposition in places that are anything but. And amidst firefights, heroic rescues, and the brokenness embedded in these war-torn countries, the Eubanks are undoubtedly one of the most inspiring families in the world. Filmmakers Brent Gudgel ( Dear Francis, The Ordinance) & Chris Sinclair guide viewers through this emotional and ultimately exhilarating feature documentary by combining footage from the earliest days of the Free Burma Rangers (including adorable scenes of the Eubank children growing up in the jungles of Burma) with their more recent peace-keeping missions in Iraq and Syria — some of the same stories we’re witnessing in the news today. The Free Burma Rangers were officially founded more than 20 years ago by Dave Eubank, in response to conflict in the nation then known as Burma, and now offers help, hope and love to internally displaced people around the world. In reading through their core principles of loving one another, forgiveness, praying with faith, and acting with courage, Dave Eubank is undoubtedly the toughest missionary you’ll likely ever encounter. Free Burma Rangers is a documentary film experience that challenges the very notion of what it means to be a global citizen and demonstrates how one family has taken “love thy neighbor” to an inspiring new level.

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Michael Foust Contributor 2020 20 Feb COMMENTS Faith-based movies typically don’t involve bullets, bombs and real-life escapes from death. But a new documentary film, Free Burma Rangers, involves all three – and, of course, a gospel-centered message. The film tells the story of missionaries David and Karen Eubank, who formed a humanitarian relief movement two decades ago known as Free Burma Rangers that takes the gospel to war zones and assists innocent victims. Since then, they’ve trained 4, 500 “Rangers” who have assisted 1. 5 million persons in places like Iraq, Syria and Sudan. Free Burma Rangers recounts their inspiring story with battle-zone footage rivaling anything seen on the National Geographic Channel. It’s likely the most harrowing faith-based movie ever made – LifeWay Films of the Southern Baptist Convention is a partner – and will be in theaters Feb. 24-25. Here are three reasons you should watch Free Burma Rangers – and three reasons it’s unlike any faith film you’ve seen. Photo courtesy: ©LifeWay Films 1. It Has Jaw-Dropping, Heart-Pounding Footage We see Eubank and his team hiking through the Burmese jungle, with the sound of gunfire getting closer and closer. We watch them greet and laugh with an Iraqi family, only to discover that the family was killed by ISIS moments after they left. We see Karen spread the joy of Christ to Iraqi children – as bombs explode in the background. In the film’s most heart-pounding moment, Eubank and his team get cornered by ISIS gunmen in Mosul, Iraq, trying desperately to escape in a Humvee. The vehicle becomes disabled in a rain of bullets, but a tank providentially arrives just in time, blocking the gunfire and saving everyone. Eubank – a former member of the U. S. Special Forces – prays for safety throughout the Mosul gunfight. He was shot in the arm – but survives. And cameras film everything. Co-director Chris Sinclair, who filmed much of the action in the film, told Crosswalk the danger seen on the screen is real. Often, Sinclair had to make split-second life-or-death decisions. “Dave's running into a firefight towards the fire, and I could have stayed safely back … or I could follow him and get into the thick of it, ” Sinclair said, referencing a dangerous moment he filmed in Burma. “And making that decision required me asking myself: Am I willing to potentially get shot for this story? What helped me make that decision was that he's willing to lay his life down and get the news out about people who are hurt. So I jumped into the fray with them. ” Photo courtesy: ©LifeWay Films 2. It’s a Real-Life ‘Action-Adventure’ Film If it were a Hollywood movie we’d remark, “That would never happen in real life. ” But the tale of David and Karen Eubank is true – even if it’s nearly unbelievable. They traded a safe-and-comfortable American life to form a humanitarian relief movement that serves those in the world’s most dangerous war zones – Burma, Iraq, the Sudan and Syria. When others are fleeing bullets and bombs, the Rangers are running toward the violence to deliver food, medicine and other necessary supplies to those in need. “We’re going to share the gospel of Jesus, ” David says in the film, “[and] we’re going to give food and medical care. ” They also document war crimes and send reports to the Associated Press, which then distributes the news to the world. Even more incredible: The Eubanks have raised three children in the midst of this often-chaotic life. (Karen and the kids don’t go on the dangerous “recon” missions. ) It’s missions work with a military rifle strapped on your back. Eubank, though, only fires in self-defense. The humanitarian movement began with a goal to “Free Burma. ” (That’s how the Rangers got their name. ) It then spread to other countries. Photo courtesy: ©LifeWay Films 3. It Might Motivate you to Do Something ‘Dangerous’ The Eubanks (and their team members) boldly put their lives on the line to help those in need. In doing so, they’re following the examples of the New Testament saints and martyrs who also risked their lives – and often died in the process. “To live is Christ and to die is gain, ” the Apostle Paul wrote. Meanwhile, many of us are too scared to knock on our neighbor’s door. Free Burma Rangers will inspire you. It also might motivate you to do something “dangerous” – like loving and serving those who are different from you. “The anecdote to evil is love, ” David Eubank says. In the 20 years since Free Burma Rangers was launched, dozens of other Rangers teams have been trained – and 1. 5 million persons who were displaced from wars have been served. “I hope that people who watch the film would love people who they consider the other – that they would pause when they want to assign judgment to people they don't really know. ” Sinclair said, pointing to the Eubanks’ desire to serve other ethnicities and nationalities. “... It has an effect of joy when you give your life away to serve others. ” Content warnings: Although unrated, Free Burma Rangers should be treated like a PG-13 movie. It includes intense, graphic sequences of war violence. Minus one or two “OMGs” said by participants other than the Eubanks, it includes no coarse language. Visit Entertainment rating: 5 out of 5 stars Family-friendly rating: 3. 5 out of 5 stars Photo courtesy: ©LifeWay Films Michael Foust has covered the intersection of faith and news for 20 years. His stories have appeared in Baptist Press, Christianity Today, The Christian Post, The Leaf-Chronicle, the Toronto Star and the Knoxville News-Sentinel.

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